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Our Story

ALT was formed in 2011 by the team of directors, entering into the already competitive world of anilox rolls was a bold decision and not taken lightly.
The business was created with some very firm beliefs and values.
Although we entered a very competitive industry we had a belief in what made us the ALTernative supplier within the anilox roll and sleeve industry and this came down to four key elements:
Firstly we could see the changes within the print and packaging industry and the need to meet not only our customers expectations and requirements but those also of their customers and the future changes and global demands they would face - we needed to think globally and creatively.
The experience of the team behind ALT enabled us to think differently and offer solutions and fresh ideas within our industry.
We understand and have knowledge of all aspects of the packaging industry and the Flexographic print process.

Secondly we have a straightforward and honest approach with fresh fresh thinking  to challenge conventionality and look at how we can do things differently to improve and help our customers and the applications they are challenged by daily.

The cornerstones that keep us focused are:

Our Customers
Our Suppliers
Our Employees

Thirdly we have our own unique Geometry in the NANO cell structure and this has proved its worth in every area we have challenged it against conventional engraving.

Finally and equally importantly to all our values we control stringently every stage of our production and the geometry we craft and cell structures we create and the final volume of every individual anilox cell we produce - they all follow the same rigid controls.

Our commitment to our Environment

Our commitment to enuring that we produce our products with the least amount of damage to the environment and in the most efficient way possible is confirmed having installed 185 Solar PV panels to our factory roof producing 50kWh power to our 650 sq Meter(7000 sq feet) factory in Manchester, UK. We have also installed low power LED lighting into all areas of the factory. All our company vehicles have been specially selected for environmental performance and reduced CO2 emissions.

We have been certified as carbon neutral by the Carbon Trust UK.

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